June 25th at 10 AM Central Standard Time

After a successful session on May 28th, we have scheduled another. All are welcome to attend. As last time, this is an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions about FOG and get answers from seasoned users and the developers themselves. The last session covered a wide variety of topics. The natural-flowing conversation was good, however Wayne has put together a few talking points to help get us started.

  • Recent FOG endavors
  • How do you host FOG?
  • What snapins have you made?
  • Your post-imaging processes.
  • How do you deploy printers?
  • Follow up questions from Session 1: Driver deployment, Driver packs, Universal images, Fogging Macs.

Interested parties should send a message of interest to FogProjectVideos@gmail.com from a valid Google account which is connected to Google+. Afterwards, check your inbox for a Google Calendar event from FogProjectVideos@gmail.com and accept it.

On the day of the event, join the Google Hangouts session via the "Join Video Call" link on the calendar invite.