The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability FOG 1.5.6.

This release is available for download at:
Download from GitHub

FOG Server (PHP/Web)

BUG Fixes

  • Fix route for editing items like snapins, modules, printers, groups, and hosts.
  • Prevent long page load times with user history on individual hosts.
  • Fix various minor bugs in Site, AccessControl, and LDAP plugins. (Thanks Fernando)
  • Add back the printer config file input field.
  • Catch up with changes in RHEL, Fedora, Arch, Ubuntu, and Mageia installations.
  • Fix display issue where storage group was shown as empty.
  • Repair snapin replication


  • Add group name to multicast task name for better distinction of tasks.
  • Add SubnetGroups Plugin (Thanks sctt)
  • Add iPXE compilation for HTTPS support to the installer.
  • Improve random password generation to allow for more different characters.
  • Update Spanish language translations. (Thanks Fernando)
  • Update rEFInd to 0.11.4
  • Rename fog system account to fogproject and add warning to not use this as your username.
  • Enhance LDAP plugin (Thanks Fernando)
  • Add hostname for SSL certificate generation.
  • Add checks for SELinux and firewall rules.
  • Add checksums to make sure installer downloads binaries properly.
  • Re-work database conneciton handling to speed up page loads.
  • Speed up API calls to make UI more responsive when listing storage nodes.

FOG Operation System (FOS)

BUG Fixes

  • Properly handle systems with two NVMe disks that swap in every reboot.
  • Fix newly introduced partition flags detection.


  • Update Kernel (4.19.36), Buildroot (2019.02.01) and iPXE (latest git pull)
  • Change detection of fixed partitions from labels to partition flags. (Thanks Quazz)
  • Remove bootup warnings which users keep posting in the forums.
  • Re-enable ARM support
  • Add Microsemi/Smart Storage PQI controller Driver.
  • Add Intel Volume Management Device Driver.
  • Adjust build script to run on RHEL as well. (Thanks Quazz).

Comparison of 1.5.5 to 1.5.6:

Changes to the FOG Operating System (FOS) can be seen on the commit history on