The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability FOG 1.5.7.

This release is available for download at:
Download from GitHub

For installation instructions please see and select your relevant server OS.

Comparison of 1.5.6 to 1.5.7:

FOG Server:
This release mainly focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes for FOG.

BUG Fixes:

  • Propagate fogproject account rename in the database properly
  • Fix PHP version check on Debian upgrade installs
  • Repair advanced menu script
  • Repair iPXE compilation with HTTPS/SSL certificate support
  • Enumerate image size properly


  • Enforce new hostname option to be used on upgrades as well
  • Get rid of error in log file when checksum wasn’t downloaded yet
  • Silence the ftp_… commands
  • Update installer to work on Debian 10 Buster
  • Add options to FOGBackup script

FOG Operating System (FOS):

BUG Fixes:

  • Fix resize/expand issue with NVMe disks
  • Add GPT check before trying to set UUID disk and partition information


  • Increase init size to 256 MB
  • Add package dosfstools for mkfs.vfat
  • Add instructions for building ARM kernels and inits
  • Update Kernel (4.19.48)