The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 8th release candidate for FOG 1.5.0.

BUG Fixes
  • Fix fog settings ajax layout.
  • Fix host imaging mistake on queue checking.
  • Fix issue with searching not working if table has no information.
  • Fix export/delete not working proplery.
  • Fix issue with inventory not defining host item.
  • Fix login page to not care about node/sub layout before logged in.
  • Fix tasks to ensure updates work properly.
  • Fix user cleanup elements in service page from some unknown issues found.
  • Fix issue with snapin not assigned unable to be deployed if host has no snapins associated.
  • Fix Uint32 on Partclone hfsplusclone.c file of partclone binaries.
  • Fix sub, sub, sub (etc...) folder replication such as might be the case when working with drivers.
  • Add ifopen in error checking from iPXE checks.
  • Make curl commands follow redirects in the inits.
  • Complete LDAP plugin to be appropriate.