The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 7th release candidate for FOG 1.5.0.

BUG Fixes:
  • Plugin Management/Removal Fixes.
  • Fix issues with Action boxes potentially not displaying.
  • Fix Group membership removal issues and membership, hopefully, in general.
  • Fix error message for taskings when image is protected.
  • Fix API backend to display memory information within inventory reports.
  • Fix start times of snapin tasks to work more accurately.
  • Fix pending host display issue.
  • Fix image resizing to take account of the firstlba if set.
  • Fix printer management to allow text for port/inf information with less strict tests.
  • Fix active task and active snapin task display issues a bit.
  • Fix filter information to maintain during node page updates. (Needs some more work to adjust for subs being changed as well.)
  • Make menu bar display a bit nicer by moving below branding and centering elements where appropriate.
  • Make task state plugin bootstrap friendly.
  • Update ipxe to latest files. Should fix HyperV Gen II systems natively now.