The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 1st release candidate for FOG 1.3.5.

This release candidate addresses several issues reported/found as well as adds a few simple but hopefully useful features.

Bug fixes

  • Fix snapin task issue on hosts without any snapins associate.
  • Fix inventory passing potential non-integer for math.
  • Fix excess/extra output in iPXE boot menu.
  • Fix donate tasking not having functions sourced.
  • Fix missed variable for FOG Scheduler service.
  • Fix alter user to happen on both localhost and
  • Fix PDODB Class issues where object doesn't exist.
  • Fix Multicast rdv in inits as it was being used improperly.
  • Clean up Ubuntu warning message to be more proper. Saying it would break immediately is not true anymore.


  • Add initial LVM building information (Not ready for image handling, but we should be able to build LVM volumes directly.)
  • Add Multicast RDV Address adjustments to be set in GUI.
  • Add ability to tell system to image implicitly from quick registration.
  • Add CDC NCM and CDC MBIM drivers to kernel configs and update kernels according (still on 4.9.4 for now)