FOG 1.3.4 and Client 0.11.9 Officially Released

The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of FOG 1.3.4. With this release the FOG Client is now updated to 0.11.9. This release adds a new feature and fixes a few bugs found within 1.3.3's release.

FOG Client

New features:
  • German, Dutch, and French translations


Bug Fixes:
  • Fix boot.txt from tftp layout to add Joe Schmitt to list.
  • Fix group device setting not reading in properly.
  • Fix Host register preventing client communications.
  • Fix schema redirect if one does downgrade to a lower schema than is currently installed.
  • Fix: Use scanfor internal in rEFInd configuration.
  • Fix calling this out of context issue.
  • Fix sql generation including double INDEX accidentally.
  • Fix error in boot menu from 1.3.4 RC 1
  • Fix error output in inits from gui calls.
  • Fix Ubuntu php installation issues.
  • More output on handling errors within init's to help provide more causes/troubleshooting fixes.
New Features:
  • New plugin called windowskey which allows users to associate Product keys to images. When a host is imaged with a key assigned image, their product key will be updated to use the new key for activation.