The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the eleventh release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release candidate addresses issues that were raised by users from their use of the tenth release candidate.

A changelog is available for this from RC-10 and is as follows:

Improve/Change -- Stack queries so as to allow proper inserts/destroys without too large a query to manage

Cleanup method calling throw for ldap plugin. Get our resource items without passing the connection as its not expected. Commonize calls to elements by way of new methods that handle the common things between a bindDN connection and a non bound DN connection

Cleanup the required items so we have more proper required items. Use an object oriented call path within our ldap plugin class so we can call itself for items without continually adding ldapconn

Many fixes/tweaks to ldap plugin and theoretically all is working now

Fix issue where object would be removed, but the element would still remain in the db (unassociated but still)

PSR a few more files

Cleanup db calls from storage group to get information particularly useful for client count.

Fix replication issues

Fix count issue

Fixup ldapmanager schema definition to what I currently see in db for ldapserver's table

work out more assumptions and other issues

Fixup typo'd function call and revert to storing to db
Fix users table to be appropriately unique keys. Try ldap without creating a new user object

Cosmetic fixing to ldap info.

More typo fixes and hopeful tweaks for ldap plugin

Fix typo on echo -e line

Fix group updating module issues. Fix a couple found typos. Fix insertBatch/destroy/update issues on key not being properly cleaned up

Address non existing inventory object on new hosts registering / updating inventory.

doMembers function uses distinct now

Add a distinct method for faster scanning/searching for items particularly useful for groups

Fix more ldap stuff

Update ldap a bit more

Fix session setting. Start psr work on fogftp

PSR FOGCore, clientupdater and manager, and dircleaner and manager. Cleanup fogcore session variable getters to use a single request instead of many individual requests

PSR image class. Cleanup a little more the ldap plugin

Add php-ldap to the config package installations. Clean up a couple typo's in the ldap class

Add the initial elements @george1421 was working on and clean up the ldap plugin to be PSR'd as well

PSR FOGCron class

Finish PSR on host class

Work on psring host class. Use cleaner method to get individualized host data. (We can pull in other class items to an object as long as there's only one bit of data, so now using class in host load get get screen and timeout information.

Fix export issues on report page.

Present more informative error message to the user in regards to file replications

Fix replication issues due to only finding one group member. Fix logging issues due to invalid comparisons. Fix location checkbox holder/setter.

Don't do an exact check on -1

Fix hash not setting in the use cases of location plugin

Fix printer adding properly checking printertype variable

Fix hash setting on update again

Hopefully fix strange error potentials on snapins

Fix time in the past issue

Prevent printers from sending to the client if the type field is not set (or any access to the printer). Attempt to prevent snapins from updating hash if no file is uploaded or added

Fixup reference cleaners

Remove debug method call in db class

Hopefully address xp/vista legacy imaging type

Remove the isavailable checks on hunch it's causing more bad than good still

Lessen url calls for browser stuff in dashboard page. Won't necessarily fix load issues persay, but every little bit can most definitely help.

Update kernel configs to 4.7.3

Use fogcore as caller of debug function in currentDb check.

Don't blank mysql host if defined as

Fix enforce not setting properly

Readd destroy to ondemand pm tasks.

Fix action to use restart over reboot

Fix issues with pm sending wol requests. Fix so greenfog doesnt error out.

Finish psr/cleanup on fogmanagercontroller

Fix searching so it will work properly

Use prepared variables in manager controller to help prevent sql exploit potentials