The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the twelfth release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release candidate addresses issues that were raised by users from their use of the eleventh release candidate.

PSR the user class.

PSR some of the events.

Fix fogpage method caller being improper for imagingtask check.

PSR the FOGPage class, that was beastly

Fix incorrect callers in the non-class files.

Fix various issues as a 'safety' net for url strings passed and improve upon the import methods.

Should address host importing issue (and others that were likely unknown about.

Fix bootmenu not calling/filtering proper hosts based on checkboxes.

Fix null and throw issues for legacy client callers.

Fix missing 'exit' flag for bootmenu.

Finish psr work on FOGFTP and a few other files.

PSR all the lib/client files. Cleanup the text.php file.

Try to minimize loops by pairing things together.

Remove the parenthesis from all the require bits. PSR the index.php pages for mobile and main.

Fix typo on class for cancelling snapin tasks.

Fix wakeonlan.class.php to use static variables.

More cleanups to snapin and client file.

Fixup snapins a bit more and make the send function more inline with the commonalities of its respective json method.

Should always send snapins object container.

Don't forget to close the socket open.

More PSR finish up the service directory.

More PSR work.

Attempt using the mac object to store and wake up things instead of calling it each time.

More psr work, better some of the ob_start functions.

PSR Work on the files within service.

Fix hwinfo output and use our now fixed systemUptime function more than just for the dashboard page.

Try to prevent string errors even just a bit further

Try to ensure the object class gets defined regardless of if there's a leftover bit for it or not.

Fix invalid class caller MulticastSessionsAssoc where it should have been MulticastSessionsAssociation.

Fix two other found typos in pinghosts.

Should fix typo missing comma on constructor.

Should prevent reinserts via ping hosts. Should also speed up ping hosts as we're not loading an entire object and parsing through it.

Ensure only non-filtered macs can be added for hosts. Correct issues with system uptime.

Fix typos from getFirstGoodInterface. If there are more than one interfaces found, only return the first one out of the file.

PSR some of the service files. Should also fix an issue with the blame php file.

Fix a couple issues found after some fairly thorough testing to ensure associations all work for all pages.

More psr work on ftp class and psr the fog rolling url class.

Use a common method to perform/update associations as relevent to the object passing. This should help prevent errors on update/delete elements leaving trailing information behind.

Use proper case where needed.

Fix typo.

Use a new method to set associative elements.

Correct order of obtaining info.

Try a slightly modified host class to test 'rogue' entry fix.

PSR fog page manager item and perform nicer cleanups as needed.

More PSR work, mainly do more appropriate cleanups on removal of items especially en-mass.