The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the tenth release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release candidate addresses issues that were raised by users from their use of the ninth release candidate.

A changlog is available for this from RC-9 and is as follows:

Fix missing character in wakeUp function url builder
Should fix wol by resetting hw_addr
Use shell to get filesize
Fix task scheduler delayed time issue. Commonize for wake on lan calls.
Fix exit issue and download issues
Should correct new client issues with snapins as the hash was having issues. Should make sure updateclient skips invalid items
Properly strip and decode items
Enhance config: Add ssl vhost info if forcehttps is enabled.
Cleanup mac getting so we lessen db calls.
Should fix invalid issues due to empty fields
Fix insertBatch to use camelcase and powermanagement display issues. Fix line concat issue.
Remove resolve hostname from bootmenu setup. Fix capture task/imaging task caller so fog can do upload tasks too.
Fix snapin association error message. If a snapin tasking is setup, but there are not snapins for the item, cancel the freshly created tasking
Fixup group page from many many image calls
Fix multicast interface getters not working properly PSR Group pages.
psr group stuff and others
Fix debug from hidden menu issues