The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the nineth release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release candidate addresses issues that were raised by users from their use of the eighth release candidate.

A changlog is available for this from RC-8 and is as follows:

All edits since 1.3.0-RC-8.

Many of these are not totally bug fixing or feature adding. Probably not enhancement either.

Cleanup PSR plugin class and plugin page. Remove _post in preference for changing methods into camel case.

Fix non-imaging tasks that require inits

Add sslprivkey variable to installer so admins can predefine their own ssl certificates.

Reword enforcing changes.

Install gawk apparently debian implicitely.

Update iPXE to latest pull

Fix/add Ubuntu 16 support from installer automatically

Ensure only valid menu users see menu.

Fix user not able to login properly.

Fix ipxe menu items not saving..

Fixup schema to go from main site as user would typically go.

Prepend fsockopen commands with @ so as not to erroneously cause tons of logging.

Make version comparitor a bit better

Fix various tasking issues on hosts.

Fix all snapins creating task even when no snapins are associated.

Fix snapin tasking issues.

Add capabilities of hashing stored to the DB for snapins. This should speed things up and lessen impact on the server for large snapins.

Fix destroy method on fog controller from missed type caller.

Fix mageia mod_fastcgi to use proper package.

Make the packages lines sorted by alphanumeric order an remove dups.

Make jquery stuff validate by first trimming the information.

Apply escaped mysqlpass just in case special chars are used.

More appropriate tasking definitions as not all init taskings should require an image be defined.

Allow snapin tasks to be created in groups without requiring an image being assigned to the host.

Use our constant for output in case of error.

Reintroduce the isAvailable bits in a nicer capacity.

Improvement to bandwidth by making the php sleep instead of letting jquery do the sleeping. This means the cpu can cool off much simpler.
Remove header connection close to try to prevent too many files opening.

Cleanup the FOGSubMenu item a lot and fix double display issue from earlier change in rc-9 branch.

Make adjustments to package installer for Mageia per @syschuck.

Cleanup some array walk functions.

Add the requisite #!ipxe for failed taskings

Fix maria/mysql switches so we can more appropriately address things.

Attempt to only do mysql alter user statement if the mysql version is 5.7 or higher. Also only run this statement if the snmysqlpass is blank.

Fixup snapin tasking so additional individual snapin tasks will create a snapin task that's similar to all snapins. Allsnapins with another all snapins/or multi snapin task, will cancel the snapin taskings and recreate them. Use faster method to generate all snapins taskings.

Change require_once to require as it's much faster.

Remove executable bits from the event and eventmanager classes.

Ensure snapin replication tests presence and status of the file as well.

Attempt a faster mechanism to WOL.
Fix a few minor issues with logging in.

Bring back the use of the history table so we have more verbose logging of events and updates occurring within the system.

Add validate jquery plugin and it's additional-methods.