The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the second release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release candidate addresses issues that were raised by users from their use of the first release candidate.

A changelog is available for this from RC-1 and is as follows:

Feature/Enhancement - Allow location plugin to dictate locations that are node specific to enable those nodes the capacity to transmit multicast tasks.

Change - Make chmod method return main ftp object.

Feature/Enhancement - Create parser for dates and implement for imaging log.

Fix/Adjust - Move the destroy of multicast assocs out and be handled like it should be.

Enhancement/Functionality - Make checkout it's own function in the task queue class and use it to checkout tasks that have completed. Only set for deploy and non imaging task completions for now.

Error Handling - isValid method should return false for any id less than 1.

Fix/Enhancement - Have hooks check/create the storage groups and/or nodes first, that way things can still run forward even if a node is disabled.

Fix - Fix group management unsetting Printer levels when update is pressed.

Fix - Snapin uploads should not allow special characters as a part of the file name. PHP will allow upload but the transfer will adjust the name so all will work normally.

Fix/Enhancement - Go back to using php's own hash_file function instead of trying to get hash from the system utilities. This should allow PHP to get hashes with filenames that have spaces in them.

Fix - Make sure files with a space in the name are still able to be used for obtaining the hash.

Fix - Ensure hostname changer removes the semicolon from the OU in the case OU is setup as a select box.

Fix - Modify report page so not to throw array shift errors when unneeded. Modify Host management page so it will display similar to main imagin log report.

Fix - FOG Page: Had issue with displaying updates to screen due to output of text for the action boxes. It has been corrected but the tag was already defined. This just implements the changes more visibly.