The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the third release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release candidate addresses issues that were raised by users from their use of the second release candidate.

A changelog is available for this from RC-2 and is as follows:

Feature/Enhancement - Enable snapin location altering or not via locations.

Update - Update iPXE files to latest pull.

Add/Enhance - Add back the 7156 efi files for ensuring surface pro's can still boot.

Enhancement/Fix - More accurately display multicast and don't create a tasking, but do report why the tasking couldn't be created.
Fix - Make sure only multicast sessions that have a defined session client count are able to be used for multicast session joining.

Adjustment - Use the fullPath variable for the multicast task.

Fix/Enhance - Ensure multicast continues even if the file cannot be found. Otherwise it will fail for that node and nothing after that point will run properly.

Fix/Improve - Properly link progress row with its task.

Fix - Fix issue with multicast sessions being cleaned before they're even booted.

Fix - Fix issue with printer memberships

Fix - Fix getting the snapin job variable as there was a typo.

Remove/Delete - Remove accesscontrol plugin

Enhance/Fix - Make fog configuration use ajax for kernel versions.

Fix - Address issue with nodes blocking load of the page.

Fix - Make sure suf variable in javascript returns if suf is null

Fix - Fix upload last time not setting.

Fix - Fix split call.