The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 23rd release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release addresses an issue in regards to fog client and server communications. Change log:

Fix alter user syntax to always set native password to the value in snmysqlpass variable (this should work the same even if empty. The query will only run in certain versioning cases anyway

Fix client redirect page to redirect properly.

Cleanup comments for other classes. make sure the licenses links are accurate

Comment heavy additions. No major code base changes besides a simple boolean check and changing from reflective calling to implicit class calling.

Only remove snapin/images that are no longer valid, not those that are not replicate/enabled stuff.

Fix isenabled on snapin creation not being set properly. Rework the snapin group association class to be more clean and definitive and ensure things happen properly with them. Send data should receive the unencoded array so for invalid hosts we still send data the client would like to see.

More tweakin so as to not give out info but not log non-user passed logins

Proper buildup of http query. A blank password or blank user should not prevent reporting, only a blank user should.

Fix issue from location plugin throwing an error.

Fix issues on config page where mac list was not presenting properly when submitting. Fix the kernel update info screen. As a part of the work to fix mac/kernel stuff finished cleanup of fog config page.