The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 22nd release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release seems rather large but a majority of the things performed were more of iterative items to try solving some bugs with deploy issues in particular with location plugin (albeit they could happen without location too). Change Log:

Fix issues on config page where mac list was not presenting properly when submitting. Fix the kernel update info screen. As a part of the work to fix mac/kernel stuff finished cleanup of fog config page.

Forcibly say true to any task at this point

Ensure only nodes that have slots available are entered as enabled.

Ensure location stuff will still work by ensuring our data is always specified as needed

Fix plugin page not loading properly

When we return we shouldn't have the data returned in json encoded format. This just ensures it's passed properly

Better handling of errors being thrown in the case of requestClientInfo versus client call throws.

More lessing url calls to limit potential pitfals. Improve storage group info so we more dynamically get the visibility status without checking url availability as it just causes more problmes than it's worth to fix. Fixup replication issue
Ensure we merge the ennodeids variable rather than try union
Use get instead of forcing nodes to load everything on initial calling
Convert MB/s to mpbs directly within the bandwidth call to limit where the data is coming from to a more singular source. Change the client update time to use 5 seconds rather than bandwidthtime as it just makes that many more calls to the server/nodes which is probably not needed that often.

Fix error throwing issue if wakeEmUp has invalid mac's passed. We shouldn't fatally error, just return
More cleanly fix up the destructors so as to speed up the clean and return

More fixing to dashboard js function.

Fixup url timeouts even more properly. Try to ensure our available returns faster.

Attempt lessening url calls and cleanup properly

Fix a couple typos, rebub as rc 21

Fix conflict file merge. Repup 1.3.0-RC-21