New Things are coming

I know it's been a while since this page was last updated. I'm sorry for that, and I speak for the whole of the FOG Team. We really are just regular people with regular lives. A lot of free time goes into coding and support on the forums. It's because of this, and we are well aware of it, many things seem to be forgotten.

We've done a lot as I'm sure you've all noticed. We've moved VPS's, changed the forums, updated the wiki, and made everything we can right now use ssl. With all of this, we've made significant improvements to to the development version of fog and the fog client. We've even sent the new fog client into the wild for testing.

Without the community providing issues, bugs, suggestions, etc..., we would still be back in the dark ages even if only about a year ago.

It's been a little over a year since the 1.0.0 release and about 10 months since the last "stable" release. Since then a lot has happened within the development of FOG. Our team has grown, and our methods of communicating and working with fog have, I (Tom Elliott) feel, gotten much better.

It is our hope to bring a great and stable release in the very soon future.

Software Changes
  • FOG Itself (No Client)
  • Huge improvement in download and potentially upload speeds thanks to Greg Grammon
  • Much better performance for systems with multi-thousand systems (We are working to improve)
  • Many bug fixes, even for things many are unaware of, you can view the changelog on sourceforge to get a starting point
  • Many security fixes/increases.
  • FOG Client
  • Nearly complete rewrite
  • All modules we have available/usable work from Windows 8/8.1 (Presumably 10) and down to Windows XP
  • Security improvements/enhancements/increases throughout.

I have to add, this is going to be a major change in thought and operation, but one we believe is much for the better.

For now I end and hope to maintain a better record of events.


Thanks to Joe Schmitt for taking the lead and developing on a new client and assisting in getting this whole setup. This all the while taking full time college courses.

Thanks to the great folks at Crissic for their hosting a VPS for

Thanks to GlobalSign for providing and subdomains thereof with certificates for hosting our project in a secure browsing environment.

Thanks to JetBrains in providing software to the whole development team to build and design the latest in fog. Especially cannot wait for the future of FOG to come to fruition.

Thanks Greg Grammon for the super speed now available in the trunk versions of fog.

Thanks to the whole of the development team for their provided insight, suggestions, assistance, and help in finding and fixing bugs, features, etc...

And last but not least,

A HUGE THANKS to the FOG Community for providing the much needed hardware testing, feature requests, bug reports, and just general assistance. Without you, we wouldn't have as great a community I think we have now.