I realize the last few init's for our imaging system has been......broken.

I know most probably did not realize this. I can tell you the "broken" images came around Revision 3345. I thought it was fixed in 3396, but I thought wrong.

I am making a public apology as I really did not know it was still an issue.

That all said, the new init's in SVN work 100%. This means the random images that don't expand or won't fit on a disk should be fixed.

Words of caution

Using an SVN Release of FOG in a production environment is frowned upon, but not unrealistic either. What this ultimately means is if you are using it in production, images that were uploaded from 3345 up until 3487 will likely not be really re-sizable. Images that weren't expanding properly should now expand properly. Easiest way to fix this issue is to find a disk of the original size or larger. Download it, then re-upload it maintaining it as re-sizable. This should properly shrink your image.

Again my apologies.