The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 12th release candidate for FOG 1.5.0. With this also comes a new official release of the FOG Client to v0.11.13

FOG Server/GUI

BUG Fixes:
  • Fix Page titles.
  • Fix issue where associated items could not be removed, though all appearances were they did indeed work.
  • Fix filesize logic issue on kernel checking.
  • Fix API to allow client sessions to work where appropriate.
  • Fix issue with db backups not operating as expected.
  • Fix variable typo, and inverted logic in mysql password input validation.
  • Move mcrypt functions to use openssl as php 7.2 no longer has mcrypt.
  • Safely handle special characters in sed, php, mysql, and bash for mysql password.
  • Removes database encryption of AD Password, and Product Key fields as the storage was not secure to begin with.
  • Update messages.pot and all the messages.po files.
  • Update to latest ipxe full.

FOG Client

BUG Fixes:
  • Patch startup and shutdown issues with Windows 1709
New Features:
  • Add Hungarian language
  • Set Spanish-Spain as default Spanish language
  • Add log warning messages instead of only error or normal
  • Update dependencies
  • Add help menu to SmartInstaller
  • Add power options to debugger