The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 11th release candidate for FOG 1.5.0.

BUG Fixes:
  • Fix sgdisk to zero out disk after restore function occurs on gpt disks.
  • Fix issue with restoring swap uuid on mbr based Hard Drives.
  • Fix check to not fail if diskuuid is empty.
  • Fix Arch PHP ini config style without .so extension naming.
  • Fix isc-dhcp-server setup issue on Debian 9.
  • Fix FOG Cron class to set next/past times more properly.
  • Fix FOG Cron range setting to operate appropriately.
  • Fix customized pxe items starting with a number to still expand as jquery id's can't start with a number.
  • Slim header and other components of the GUI.
  • Remove buildroot (fos building components) as it is handled in its own repository now.
  • Change color of deploy/upload to avoid user error.