The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability FOG 1.5.0. With this also comes a new official release of the FOG Client to v0.11.15.

This release is available for download at:
Download from GitHub

Use of sourceforge has been deprecated as of 1.4.4 since we have moved all development to Github.

For installation instructions please see and select your relevant server OS.

For any issues you may encounter, please report the issue on the forums

Major News

1.5.0 features a new GUI. Note that this is not the final design, and 1.6.0 will look drastically different. This release serves as a stepping stone for us to provide a much cleaner interface going forward.

The FOG Client has been updated to be more compatible with Windows 10 1709.

Other Information

In regards to bugs, features, improvements, and general updates, there are many. As we are using an RC cycle to help speed development and implementation, please see the RC news articles to see what things have been added, changed, modified, and fixed.

Change Comparison:

Comparison 1.4.4 to 1.5.0