The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 7th release candidate for FOG 1.4.0.

BUG Fixes
  • Fix error thrown for http_build_query from fogpage formAction builder.
  • Fix EBRFileName function from throwing error as we have more direct checks.
  • Fix Pending MAC link on dashboard page to route to the proper report.
  • Fix Security token setting that was reverted in RC 6 so key is still updated and more accurate timing allowed for token updates.
  • Follow OWASP recommendations for User authentication checking so as to not give away where a problem might be occurring allowing an attacker to know what portion was failed.
  • Update init's to Buildroot stable 2017.02.01 instead of the RC version as was used earlier.
  • Generalize UUID information more accurately instead of relying on matching disk names.
Features Added
  • Log source address failing to login for slack and pushbullet login failure events.