The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 2nd release candidate for FOG 1.4.0.

BUG Fixes
  • Fixes pending host not being able to be quick imaged.
  • Fix aligning issues on login page.
  • Fix restore extended partitions should never have used minimum file.
  • Fix ldap logging issues.
  • Fix a few random found typos. No function lost, just cleaner.
  • Fix Network issues in inits that only looped one interface it seemed.
  • Limit session setters receivers.
  • Use a more Singleton approach within abstract base class.
  • Allow hook/event management to chain the register method.
  • Change FOG banner in inits and linux services to be common and what I find neater.
  • Move things that should've been in fogbase from fogcore to the correct place.
  • Update ipxe to latest pull as of 2-APR-2017
  • Add Fernando Gietz's AccessControl Plugin.
  • Add hot key support for iPXE Menu generation on a per menu layout.