The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 1st release candidate for FOG 1.4.0.

BUG Fixes
  • Fix WOL not working on the WOL tasking.
  • Fix missed type setting.
  • Fix Fedora OS rpc bind issues (Not a FOG BUG but should allow installations properly now.)
  • Fix snapin task issues that would cancel whole tasking even if there were other tasks left to complete.
  • Fix storage group edits modifying storage nodes instead of the groups.
  • Fix maxClients to allow arbitrary numbers.
  • Fix/Test Sector alignments to use 512 instead of disk sector passed as it can cause issues in particular with windows systems.
  • Fix/Improve? Group snapins can be stacked once again.
Features Added
  • Access control plugin written by Fernando Gietz
  • Add user class friendly display names
  • Add storage information and image name to note on Partclone screen.
  • Allow Hook and Event register method to chain rather than force new lines.
  • Convert all callers to register multiple times to use the self chaining now.
  • Update iPXE to latest pull from 24-MAR-2017.
  • Remove WOL delayed startup elements.
  • Speed up the deployment processing due to changes in how PHP is operating.