The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of FOG 1.4.0. With this release the FOG Client is now updated to 0.11.12. This release adds a few new features and fixes numerous bugs found within 1.3.5's release.

This release is available for download at:
Download from GitHub

Download from Sourceforge

For installation instructions please see and select your relevant server OS.

For any issues you may encounter, please report the issue on the forums

Basic API Documentation

FOG Client

Bug Fixes
  • User tracker on Linux can now record usernames longer than 8 characters
  • When renaming a previously domain bound Windows computer, the old object will no longer be left in active directory
  • Skip re-downloading the banner image when the client already has it
  • Accomodate for potential processes blocking the shutdown request on Windows
New Features
  • New languages: es-ES, eu, no
  • Renaming a Windows computer and then joining a domain is now 2 times faster
  • Renaming a Windows computer inside a domain is now 3 times faster
  • Speed optimizations to PrinterManager
  • Decrease number of disk writes for logging
  • Always hide snapin information in the logs


Bug Fixes
  • Fix WOL not working on the WOL tasking.
  • Fix missed type setting.
  • Fix Fedora OS rpc bind issues (Not a FOG BUG but should allow installations properly now.)
  • Fix snapin task issues that would cancel whole tasking even if there were other tasks left to complete.
  • Fix storage group edits modifying storage nodes instead of the groups.
  • Fix maxClients to allow arbitrary numbers.
  • Fix/Test Sector alignments to use 512 instead of disk sector passed as it can cause issues in particular with windows systems.
  • Fix/Improve? Group snapins can be stacked once again.
  • Fixes pending host not being able to be quick imaged.
  • Fix aligning issues on login page.
  • Fix restore extended partitions should never have used minimum file.
  • Fix ldap logging issues.
  • Fix a few random found typos. No function lost, just cleaner.
  • Fix Network issues in inits that only looped one interface it seemed.
  • Fix resizing issue on XP.
  • Fix sector alignment on shrinking as it's not necessary.
  • Fix replication not being able to send file paths appropriately.
  • Fix installlang variable not being stored/set correctly.
  • Fix uploads to check if partitions exist to capture.
  • Fix plugin installation problem.
  • Fix display of snapin tasking on main active page when it is tasked.
  • Fix task creation to not just set the snapin type to all snapins. Use improved logic to test if the deploySnapin is already tasked or not.
  • Fix directory index not being passed in to direct web traffic appropriately.
  • Fix new line in vhost file creation.
  • Fix client double failsafe as could lead to inability to authenticate.
  • Fix php-fpm chmod information to more accurately find and set permissions.
  • Fix Snapin log displaying Imaging log.
  • Fix error thrown for httpbuildquery from fogpage formAction builder.
  • Fix EBRFileName function from throwing error as we have more direct checks.
  • Fix Pending MAC link on dashboard page to route to the proper report.
  • Fix Security token setting that was reverted in RC 6 so key is still updated and more accurate timing allowed for token updates.
  • Fix issue with api system potentially authenticating without user/password.
  • Reintroduce lost things from RC-7 to RC-8 that went unknown for a bit.
  • Fix directory setting for api with Apache redirect stuff.
  • Fix/add tertiary method to detect DNS thanks @wayneworkman
  • Fix domain resolving to allow Localhost/localdomain checking as well.
  • Fix/improve upon virtual host information.
  • Fix typo found in group management page as provided by lucab85
  • Fix Updater script.
  • Fix example plugin uninstall issue.
  • Fix installation issues in some circumstances.
  • Fix potential issues with downloading kernels.
  • Fix AccessControlLocationAssociation manager which doesn't exist.
  • Fix group search dn to allow DC parsing if no group search dn is entered.
Features Added
  • Access control plugin written by Fernando Gietz
  • Site plugin thanks to Fernando Gietz
  • Add user class friendly display names
  • Add storage information and image name to note on Partclone screen.
  • Add Fernando Gietz's AccessControl Plugin.
  • Add hot key support for iPXE Menu generation on a per menu layout.
  • Add back replication of data to allow ssl files to be replicated.
  • Add back replication of data to allow post init/download scripts to replicate.
  • Add ability to choose between Image List or only associated image on "Deploy Image" menu item.
  • Add rudimentary API system (Needs documentation heavily.)
  • Display a more helpful flag on scheduled snapins to more directly state what a task is doing.
  • Enable reports to be implemented by plugins similar to hooks and events being able to be incorporated.
  • Add api route to create items.
  • Update create route to allow create or new
  • Update remove route to allow remove or delete.
  • Wrap the routes in square brackets to ensure routes are more properly found.
  • Log source address failing to login for slack and pushbullet login failure events.
  • Ability to bypass overwriting fog vhost file.
  • Support installation on Linux Mint natively.
  • Support installation on Raspbian OS natively.
  • Ability for admins to enable/disable Reauthentication on Delete/Export items.
  • Allow Hook and Event register method to chain rather than force new lines.
  • Convert all callers to register multiple times to use the self chaining now.
  • Update iPXE to latest pull from 24-MAR-2017.
  • Remove WOL delayed startup elements.
  • Speed up the deployment processing due to changes in how PHP is operating.
  • Limit session setters receivers.
  • Use a more Singleton approach within abstract base class.
  • Allow hook/event management to chain the register method.
  • Change FOG banner in inits and linux services to be common and what I find neater.
  • Move things that should've been in fogbase from fogcore to the correct place.
  • Update ipxe to latest pull as of 2-APR-2017
  • More fail safes added to storage node obtaining code.
  • Move reports back to individualized items and falling under the lib folder.
  • Add a secondary failsafe to security token checking.
  • Replace many preg_replace/preg_match calls to less compilation issues during rendering.
  • Update to tell FOG to use the 0.11.12 version of the FOG Client.
  • Update iPXE binaries to 17-APR-2017 morning pull.
  • Follow OWASP recommendations for User authentication checking so as to not give away where a problem might be occurring allowing an attacker to know what portion was failed.
  • Update init's to Buildroot stable 2017.02.01 instead of the RC version as was used earlier.
  • Generalize UUID information more accurately instead of relying on matching disk names.
  • Remove darkcoin donation feature as elements were not working anyway.
  • Italian Language updated thanks to @lucab85
  • Use createSecToken in a cryptographically random generator rather than what was used earlier.
  • Remove the e argument from sgdisk calls to see if its causing a potential issue.
  • API System no longer allowed to modify/edit user information as a kind of safety to the whole of the system.
  • Ensure better checking when editing/updating elements by making sure to break out of the checks.
  • API Cancel method can receive a body to more intricately cancel.
  • API Can now look up active/current tasks directly.
  • API Active method can receive a body to more intricately filter returned items.
  • API List items can receive a body to more intricately filter returned items.
  • Update ipxe files to pull from 2-May-2017
  • Set predefined number of cores less one where possible for zstd.
  • Update ipxe to latest pull as of 05-MAY-2017
  • Allow . and - in image paths.
  • Self contain hooks and events to cleanup autoload function.
  • Write to logs for find statements instead of to stdout.
  • Cleaner IPXE embedded script for flow following.
  • More directly address plugin class manager potentially causing issues if the name is not defined.
  • Update ipxe to latest pull 11-MAY-2017
    Update site plugin to operate a bit more properly.
  • Add location, ldap, and wolbroadcast the ability to export/import items from csv.
  • Add API element to site plugin.
  • Add API elements to all plugins as needed.
    1. Location
    2. LDAP
    3. WOL Broadcast
    4. Accesscontrol
    5. Fileintegrity
    6. Site
    7. Windows Key
  • FOGImageSize service should continue if file not found.
  • Update kernels to 4.11

Basic API Documentation