The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the eigth release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release candidate addresses issues that were raised by users from their use of the seventh release candidate.

A changelog is available for this from RC-7 and is as follows:

Fix - Javascript selectors for snapins and images on the storage group choice options not selecting all as is normally expected.

Fix - Snapin downloads unable to be downloaded if pointed at a different url for their download.

Add - Auto adjustments for Ubuntu 16.04 to add in the altering mysql to allow root user to access and install php 7 with Ubuntu 16 and higher.

Fix - global settings that still held the "upload" tags when they should've been updated to "capture".

Enhance/Correct - Try making sure group hosts works for WOL.

Fix - Unset the limit setter so things don't just get appended incidentally

Enhance - Cleaner approach to sending version (Client or server version obtaining).

Correct - Allow javascript for version getting to happen even if you're accessing the domain not on the same network (via internet).

Fix - Ensure all services check their sleeptimes so new changes take effect immediately.

Fix - replication so checks are more clear. Basically why do we start lftp replication if all files match? This addresses that in a more dynamic way.

Fix/Improve - Try to setup installer for taking care of issues with Ubuntu 16 and potentially higher.

Fix - If the window size is less than one, due to a lack of requests, simply return without performing any actions as it can lead to high server loads.

Fix - Allow printers to use spaces in the name and INF fields.

Enhance/Improve - Ensure kernels have mouse drivers enabled now.

Correction - Proper text describing the use of client updater.

Fix - Fix strange options display if there are no snapins associated to a host.

Only enforce bcmath on ubuntu variants as debian includes it as a part of the libapache2-mod-php5 package.

Remove the chmod method from upload as it's not really necessary

Fix up filesize so it's not off by 8 bits.