The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 1st release candidate for FOG 1.3.1.

This can be downloaded by:

Need to download fully

git clone
cd fogproject
git checkout dev-branch
cd bin
./ [-y]

Update from prior:

cd fogproject
git checkout dev-branch
git pull
cd bin
./ [-y]

This is mainly bug fixes and memory management improvements.

BUG Fixes

Main FOG

  • Fix plugin field setting so it accurately sets the field.

Plugin Bugs

  • Fix location issue schema and deletion of old items.

Installer Bugs

  • Fix to not implicitely search for eth0
(May come with unknown/unexpected bugs)



  • Move Capone elements to be more compartmentalized in the plugin itself.


  • Move all setInterval items to use setTimeout. This is meant to improve performance and present much more accurately. The timeouts are dependent on the delay of the last run time so the time presented is accurate to the time requested rather than waiting for clearout.
  • Refactor bandwidth to use pure jQuery meaning much more accurate bandwidth return/usage.

Overall (Where the bugs may be most prominent)

  • Use a better mechanism to joining arrays over PHP's array_merge function.
  • Array loops shouldn't store the items into an array first as this can cause memory usage issues. Limit this by calling the methods at the caller for the loop.
  • FOG Base methods that should have been statically called are now as such. This is to help limit memory too.