The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of FOG 1.3.1. With this release also comes FOG Client v0.11.8.

This release is available for download at:
Download from GitHub

Download from Sourceforge

For installation instructions please see and select your relevant server OS.

For any issues you may encounter, please report the issue on the forums



As always, we must thank our community for the assistance and reports of issues.


Last release we forgot to mention our moderators and testers. Moderators are instrumental in our progress as they help us manage the forums and data coming in. Our moderators often tend to be testers as well. Our dedicated testers who are constantly updating even when things may seem overbearing to do over and over again are extremely appreciated. While the community is instrumental to getting us data in regards of data typically between releases, our testers (and in many cases our moderators) are giving us information on what they're seeing in the bleeding edge.

Bug Fixes

FOG Client
  • Fixes issue with domain removal not working but hostname changing causing system to believe it is still on the domain.
  • Fixes issues with script not finding proper routes.
  • Fixes issue on auto adjusting plugin path.
  • Fixes issues found with the location plugin.
  • Fixes issues found with the capone plugin.
  • Fixes issue where schema updater would not display errors or show as failed.
  • Fixes issues within the schema builder found only after getting the errors to show back up.
  • Fixes username logins to allow some special characters as it once had done.


  • Dashboard page has been re-coded to be much more memory efficient.
  • Pages that should've used static object calls now do so in an attempt to lessen memory impact and improve performance.
  • jQuery elements are switched from using setInterval to setTimeout and the timeout is automatically adjusted to the heartbeat users typically would expect to see.
  • Adds a new feature we are calling postinitscripts. This allows users to create scripts similar in fashion to postdownloadscripts but is called after the inits are loaded and before the fog starts its tasking.
  • The capone plugin was adjusted to be more compartmentalized allowing the capone plugin to be more in control of itself as any plugin should be.