The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 27th release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release addresses a few bugs that were found and reported. A few more minor improvements and progressing towards a more consolidated methodology of schema -- the latter is not invoked just available.

Simplified change log follows:

Task page cleanup.

Fix issue with bad class caller to cancel multicast tasks.

Fixup bootmenu so multicast/false taskings will address the host with the changed image information.

Fixup getOptimalStorageNode callers in an attempt to speed up deployments (as we keep losing time waiting for down nodes to respond).

Proper setup of location injected template data. During the switch to ajax based list/search this left the location presenting non-defined locations with: ${location} and it was presenting that to the screen, this just makes sure it's not displaying the literal and resets it to null if no location is defined for that item.

Try to add ImageLocation= to location email hook in. Some use different mechanisms and were having a hard time pulling the information. This will hopefully do what is needed without any other issues.

Fix issue with location not displaying when/where needed.

Modify the sql place holder on a few classes more appropriately. Readd the memory usage info

Only work off the list class

More properly handle fogsubmenu stuff. This has been modified to use a preg_replace rather than a printf/sprintf dynamic.

Cleanup the index.php script that is used as the template. Send list/search properly through as needed.

Fix line 83 issue on changeitems hook for location.

Comment the pushbullet plugin more fully.

Various cleanups, commenting, improving on the main code base.

Cleanup location hooks

Add a sleeper of 10 seconds for init network getting. iPXE doesn't always release the nic properly, this helps ensure the device has enough time to come back up before our init requests dhcp information.

Update kernel configs to 4.8.11

Move service list into common config file

More nicely approach setting systemctl stuff

Automate the question about replacing so it works with -y argument as would probably be expected. Only run through the removal if this is an upgrade.