The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 26th release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release addresses a couple installer issues, improves upon gui display among other things.

Simplified change log follows:

Only show our actionbox if we have data to run through

Fix issue with security displaying to console in browser.

Pipe 'yes' into 'gdisk' to answer any question asked

More cleaned up ajax handling

Only add items to the additional via addRemItem if there is data to add or remove to begin with

Use ajax for list/search nearly entirely so people can still move around with little issue. Dynamic updates make it much simpler too.

Lessen url calls even for false tasking

Allow copybackold to be an optional choice. It will default, now, to not copy back data, which will hopefully prevent 'bleedover' issues.

Increase window size to 20 from 5 (so things can happen a little bit faster.) Use native calls over url for the snapinhash daemon.

Update ipxe files to latest pull.

Fix up the snapin service to only care about -1 and null hash values.

Add FOGSnapinHash service to FOG as hashing/blocking in the snapin client can be very problematic. This should separate that action

Try limiting recursive loops

Fix location association issue in dev-branch.

Address things in bootmenu to lessen sql calls by a lot.

Unset all the directory iterator stuff to try to not use many many files.

Repopulate our required fields in a recursive manner so we don't have to continually load the resources over and over considering we essentially have the db at our disposal in a single query.

Cleanup the fog controller stuff a bit

Fix issue with location isFTP issue in the location plugin.