Hello all.

All of you whom have been working with the current development builds of FOG probably are aware of the Image and Snapin replication features.

We initiated these so that you can replicate your images between nodes, but improved it so it can also be replicated across other storage groups.

One of the hardest things in dealing with file replication in such a manner is ensuring that the data does not get corrupt.

I have yet to find a 100% fool proof way for this, but I have now added a bit to our GUI and handling bits to ensure that the control can be done by the Admins of their servers.

While I am not 100% a fan of telling items which is the "good" copy, I think it's the best approach to do something in this regard. This is particularly required when one considers that our image and/or snapin files can be fairly large in size.

We now have "primary" group identifiers flagged for the image or snapin groups.

There is a lot of checking performed to ensure that even if you disable all primary groups, that things can still function. The way it's handled is if there are no storage groups for that item, it will take the first created item by the group's id flag and make it the "primary".

I am only making a news announcement to make sure people are aware of this and maybe newcomers will see this as an advancement as well.