July 14th at 7 PM Central Standard Time

Hangout 3, we are on a roll! As always, everyone is invited to join in the discussion and share ideas, ask questions, discuss solutions and problems, and even just to listen. Hangouts also serve as an excellent exploration opportunity for FOG newcomers! As with past hangouts, these will be placed on YouTube and will directly benefit the FOG Project.

There are some minor changes intended to ease organization and participation of FOG Hangouts. The community was asked about the most ideal time for Hangouts. A large majority stated weeknights would be best for them. We plan to have hangouts a little more often as well.
There is a new Forums group called FOG Hangouts. This group is open for all to join. Being a member of this group means you will recieve email notifications about upcoming FOG Google Hangouts and related hangout details. These emails will also contain the Google Hangout link. To join hangouts, all you need to do is click on the link using a Google Hangouts capable device.

Here is the link to the FOG Hangout group: https://forums.fogproject.org/groups/fog-hangouts

Please join the group if you want to stay updated about future FOG Hangouts, and see you on Thursday!

The FOG Team