After a long two months v0.9.5 of the client has been released. With this comes mostly bug fixes and a few new additions.

  • Could not add network printers
  • HostnameChanger would spam Window's logs for activate directory requests
  • HostnameChanger would not properly unjoin Activate Directory, leaving the old hostname in AD
  • Client would ignore the checkin time set by the server
New Features
  • Display the client version when hovering over the tray
  • Official release of the Debugger
  • PrinterManagerHelper, which displays the settings needed to add a TCP/IP printer to FOG.

The Debugger
With v0.9.5 comes an official build of the Debugger, a tool commonly used on the forums for debugging issues with the client. Up until now, when a person experienced an issue, we would build them a new copy of the Debugger. Now it is easily accessible, and is a single file (as opposed to several files zipped together).

This tool allows you to run a client module in Debug mode. This will output a significantly increased amount of information. We hope it won't need to be used often, but when needed, it has proven to be quite helpful with tracking down bugs. More will be posted in the wiki later concerning specific usage of the Debugger.

PrinterManager Helper
Printers are a pain. Even as someone who developed the client's PrinterManager, TCP/IP printers are quite difficult to integrate with FOG (or any deployment solution for that matter). For this reason we have introduced PrinterManager Helper. Simply run the tool on a machine with the desired TCP/IP printer already installed, and it will provide all of the information you need to integrate it with FOG. No more guessing and checking. More will be posted in the wiki later about using this tool and integrating printers.