Version 0.11.6 of the client has been released.

Change Log

Bug Fixes
  • Prevent the settings file from being corrupted on an unexpected shutdown
New Features
  • Rebranding support of the shutdown prompt
  • Shutdown prompt now has a postpone option


This release includes the ability to rebrand the shutdown prompt. This means you can change the colors, text, and images of the prompt to match your company's. While this feature is free, we ask that if plan on using the rebranding option please consider providing a donation.

To set these options, go to FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings -> Rebranding.

  • FOG_COMPANY_COLOR: This option is a hex value of your company's color
  • FOG_CLIENT_BANNER_IMAGE: This should be a PNG image with 650x120 dimensions, note that the background can be transparent. See the default banner for an example.