Version 0.10.4 of the client has been released.

Change Log

Bug Fixes

  • SmartInstaller would repin during upgrade on Windows, causing issues
Why have there been so many updates lately?

FOG Client v0.10.X introduced many drastic, but needed, changes. A new middleware was made (the part of the code that talks with a FOG server), Mac OS and Linux support were added, and a new installer was made.
Some of the issues that people experienced with v0.10.X were due to oversights by us that should have been caught by our internal testing:

  • Removal of .NET 4.0 compatibility
  • The cross platform installer not upgrading properly on Windows
  • The new middleware not handling "offline" servers properly

There was also an issue that failed to show up in any of our tests, and was not caused by a simple oversight

  • Auto upgrading could remove the client from an entire network instantly. This was dependent on how an organization setup Windows. In rare cases, the SYSTEM account would not have the %TEMP% environmental variable, leading to a failed installation.

We have since performed much more extensive testing on v0.10.4, even performing auto upgrades from v0.9.0 to v0.10.4, in addition to bringing in other organizations to help test the client on a variety of network configurations. All testing as shown that v0.10.4 is stable and critical systems operate as expected. There may still be minor bugs, but nothing that will cause wide-spread issues like in prior versions.

For cross platform installation instructions, see