The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability FOG 1.5.8.

This release is available for download at:
Download from GitHub

For installation instructions please see and select your relevant server OS.

Comparison of 1.5.7 to 1.5.8:

FOG Server:

This release mainly focuses on bug fixes and improving security for FOG.

BUG Fixes:

  • Use URL encoded parameter for password in CURL calls (587a25f, 79f94bd)
  • Handle VLAN network interface names like eth0@if56 properly when enumerating interfaces (a2fc95e2)
  • Fix LDAP port in plugin code (97b57ac, 403d1d1)
  • Repair installer to work on all current Ubuntu versions (28debc9, 9233067, 4d61492, 79388ae)
  • Rearange compile parameters as iPXE fails on SSL with CERT/TRUST not being last (e424b04)
  • Change type of alternative subject name information as modern browsers check those strictly (7fdb3f6)
  • Use SSLCACertificateFile instead as SSLCertificateChainFile which is obsolete since Apache 2.4.8 (6f7d462)
  • Make sure we wait until an interface with our known IP is up #268 (69b4c44)
  • Only ask for PHP/apache reinstall if PHP 5 was found installed (70078be)
  • Repair building of iPXE binaries for HTTPS setups (296877d, 831d8ea)
  • Fix typo in snapin class (6314aa4 thanks to Quazz)
  • Repair version query in FOG configuration web view (8c69efc, fcfe759)
  • Fix storage group failure on task finish updating (3c28f7b)
  • Prevent from setting a MAC address that is in use by another host (88e10d8)
  • Fix issue with double pipes in ad password field (9e70bc2)
  • Fix download of snapins from wrong FOG server in location setups (d0162c8)
  • Prevent from adding group associations with zero host or group ID (cf01c7e, c0d8509)
  • Fix interface selection on systems where more than one NICs are up (ca3c2fa)
  • Fix API call to editing host object, #329 (54beb9b)
  • Prevent from migrating to MariaDB on Ubuntu installs to not cause trouble (29af4df)
  • Do not reset the image size on client value on client checkin (9ff8776)
  • Fix reports to work without groups and add search field (dde4d9d, b1f21c3, 7a6dc13)
  • Correct package list update for Debian 10 buster upgrades (3f3b237)


  • Update README with current information on downloading and installing FOG (0922112)
  • Add username substitution to email field for deployment notification (7f80368)
  • Re-try querying size and hash information via HTTPS (0fd7913, 2e55ba9)
  • Make sure we don't ask for HTTPS again if parameter is given (ac08798)
  • Improve check on fogproject account existing (8af5b3e)
  • Add separate download for ARM platform binary archive (d67a620, 30c4200)
  • Remove old pxelinux stuff and ltsp config so people don't use it anymore (50e2995)
  • Change default image definitions to Windows 10 and Zstd compression (45ec9fa)
  • Add Ubuntu 20.xx support - tested on daily build currently PHP 7.3 (91f7cb0)
  • Add installer question on enabling HTTPS (755cbc4)
  • Switch to auto colors for bandwith graph (0ffd39f)
  • Present storage node settings to the user more clearly (4226527)
  • Improve database security by using less privileged account and force users to set a DB root password #355 (490cb3b)
  • Add check for proper root environemnt within the installer (3c2d492)
  • Add kernel parameter to disable problematic power saving for NVMe drives (e67ce75)
  • Remove feature to add a changed primary MAC as additional MAC (8c820e2)
  • Update installer to work on Ubuntu 19.xx (ab61ce0)
  • Hide/mask AD password from users eyes, #337 (72b0de0)
  • Improve firewall check to make it work for CentOS 8 as well (a039fd4)
  • Update installer to work on CentOS 8 (3e125db, 5ff4c8b)
  • Add sanity checking in the remote file hash and size response (933d7c3, bee5419 thanks to @mjrider)
  • Only test the availability of the remote nodes once (b511e16 thanks to @mjrider)
  • Add hints on image type setting including a link to the wiki article (2c17837)
  • Add check for snapin file upload size to print appropriate warning to the user (1f4ad45)
  • Re-add code for ARM based bootloaders (PR #327, thanks to parkerberb-nfv)
  • Add iPXE AXGE native binary for ASIX AX88179 USB 3.0 (156001f)
  • Ensure we download the latest hashsum to check the binaries against (9235729)
  • Added possibilty to queue multicast task when the is not any slot free on the storage node (PR #310, bdbaf33 thanks to @Fernando Gietz)

FOG Operating System (FOS):

BUG Fixes:

  • Repair issues with partclone.imager that were introduced with version 0.3.12 (7faf4b6, 8b60ec0)
  • Update awk cmd lines to no longer escape unncessarily (6f2f46a, 80e959a, 5f0e7b5 thanks to @Quazz)
  • Get NVMe device names right (e0202be, 276b22d)
  • Fix swap fs creation if capture and deploy use different disk technologies - SATA/SSD vs. NVMe vs. mmcblk (07fee1a)
  • Make resize way more reliable by adding flock to sfdisk calls (fd3daf2 also backported to 1.5.7)


  • Update Linux Kernel (4.19.90) and Buildroot (2019.04.8)
  • Update various packages: Partclone (0.3.12), Zstd (1.4.4), Testdisk & Photorec (7.1) - many thanks to @Quazz
  • Add NVME cli utility (a6b7d24 thanks to @Quazz)
  • Add error output when an error happens on partition layout restore (0e893c1)
  • Improve algorithm to match destinations in multi disk setups (4439247)
  • Allow for higher CPU core numbers and add Intel idle driver to fix #31 (fe58b6a)
  • Prevent from adding partitions to fixed list twice and sort the list
  • Add support for APFS filesystem (e151e67, 6c01ce6)
  • Add rsyncable options when calling partclone (3cc47ca)

FOGService (fog-client/zazzles):

BUG Fixes:

  • Add manual check against CA from key store as mono seems to fail doing (9068442)
  • Repair ShutdownGUI notifications #121 (ee4ff0a)
  • Make the installer use last known location on upgrade #117 (221181c)
  • Repair use of webserver parameter when running upgrade to not use the default value (a91bccd)
  • Allow installer to load CA cert from HTTPS enabled FOG servers (52a1f74)
  • Changed x509 certificate store to use user store instead of system store on Mac OS X (23dd7b5, 489e621 many thanks to @danielbmiller)
  • Translate Day of Week from CRON (0=Sun) to Quartz (1=Sun) (2591bde)
  • Change product key format check as it is stored without dashes in DB (303fa48)
  • Load certs from store without automatic valitity check to fix issue on recent Mono versions (0f13a4c)
  • Do not follow redirects on HTTP POST as it would end in a GET without parameters anyway (d52c110)


  • Update external libraries - Newtonsoft.Json (12.0.3), NUnit (3.12.0), WebSocket4Net (, Common.Logging (, SuperSocket.Common (
  • Add option to enable HTTPS to installer GUI (9216dc3)
  • Skip printer handling if there is a power task scheduled already (e2031b7)
  • Renew code signing certificate used by the auto updating process (f8a2734, 6a79f6c, 0852325)
  • Retry HTTP POST on redirect and update settings when redirected to HTTPS (966f485)
  • Improve installer logging and error checks (6b74871, c6701c4, ce9cafe, 3e37854, 425491e, 0b2a62a, e2b7e53, 9753af7, 40274ab)
  • Add Czech language support (f71e6ad thanks to @Valer)
  • Set default code page to prevent from error on systems with mixed code page settings (6ab5126)
  • Allow for unzipping empty folders in snapin packs (0a51909)
  • Add Brazil Portuguese language (b299551 thanks to @scosta)
  • Add environment vars as suggested in issue #109  (8944e85, 100fe2f)