The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 4th release candidate for FOG 1.4.0.

BUG Fixes:
  • Fix installlang variable not being stored/set correctly.
  • Fix uploads to check if partitions exist to capture.
  • Fix plugin installation problem.
  • More fail safes added to storage node obtaining code.
Features Added:
  • Add ability to choose between Image List or only associated image on "Deploy Image" menu item.
  • Add rudimentary API system (Needs documentation heavily.)
Basic routes currently Available
GET (Display):
  1. http://fogserver/fog/<class> = list
  2. http://fogserver/fog/<class>/search/<stringtosearch> = search
  3. http://fogserver/fog/<class>/<id> = display class items.
DELETE (As it says)
  1. http://fogserver/fog/<class>/<id> = delete object
  2. http://fogserver/fog/<host or group>/<id>/cancel = cancel task.
POST (Create):
  1. http://fogserver/fog/<class>/create = Create new item. (Not operational yet)
PUT (Edit/Update)
  1. http://fogserver/fog/<class>/<id>/<edit or update> = make change
  • Requires body json data in form of relevant object to update.
  1. http://fogserver/fog/<host or group>/<id>/task = set item in tasking.
  • Requires body json data in form:
    taskTypeID: <validtaskid>
Required sent information:

fog-api-token must be passed as a header with the equivalent name. Token can be found in FOG Configuration Page->FOG Settings->API Settings->FOG_API_TOKEN.
Basic authentication passed using valid fog user and password.