The FOG Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 20th release candidate for FOG 1.3.0.

This release candidate addresses some performance and fixes a few issues in regard to schema population and a few bugs in regards to the linux services.

Cleanup our hex2bin function so we aren't calling a pointless lambda inside of an already named function. Pointless resource using essentially.

Cleaner approach to database manager, add comments a bit better.

Cleanup output of replication elements.

Properly cancel multicast tasks from multicast service. Cleanup a few issues with multicast overall.

Ensure our group assoc tables (snapins and images) have the is primary property set as enums and cannot be set as null.

Have the secondary alter on msIsDD iterate over the to integer immediately.

Address schema update issue in particular to multicast. The msIsDD column change had two un-escaped commands side by side accidentally. Add back to ensure those who already installed can still operate properly on the next update and correct the issue in place to prevent this from happening further.

Redirect edit if no / invalid id is sent. Comment a bit on the image management page. Work on refactoring the snapin page to be similar to the image page in it's layout.

Fix bad calls on snapin replicator.

Edit replicator services just a bit to add some more detail.

More cleanly approach isAvailable and enable so we don't always have at least 1 second timeout.

Use the modified/improved isAvailable that can check multiples at the same time, instead of iteratively calling nodes causing more and more delays.

Ensure a new image will have a defined primary master group

Cleaner handling of updating the primary group.

Update the schema so fresh installs already contain the sgaMaster rather than through an alter and for updates we'll automatically assign the item's primary group masters.

Use an isset checker for items so we don't accidentally throw errors where unexpected.

Don't allow file_exists to throw errors.

Use a more 'rolling' style to test for urls so we can gather data all at once rather than one at a time.

Fix issues with slack and pushbullet plugins on adding information.

Fix issue with equip loan report getting.

Use better isAvailable method.

Remove erroneous decoder that was thought to originally be a typo in requesting the string.

More appropriate, hopefully straight forward as well, approach to testing ntfs fail/success on resize test.

Change the error status checking of the ntfsresize test.

Remove the case ignoring and for the biggerthanthedevicesize ensure we reset resizefs and resizeparts.

Separate error checking on ntfsresize to ensure we still work as we're expected too.

Move the throw into the right segment.