Version 0.9.6 of the client has been released.

Change Log

Bug Fixes:

  • Snapins would not format additional arguments correctly
  • Could not join a Samba domain

Additional features:

  • New styling of shutdown prompt
  • New logo used
  • Security patches
Linux And OSX

Cross-platform support is not included in this release. Instead a seperate v0.10 alpha will be released for Linux and OSX. Our current builds are promising and require additional testing before we will recommend using it.

The last major version for FOG 1.X.X

This is aimed to be the final release of the client for FOG 1.X.X. No major changes will be made going forward, only needed bug and security patches. My time will now be devoted primarily to our work on FOG 2.0 - a complete rewrite of FOG.

We have introduced a new logo, which is present in version 0.9.6 of the client. FOG servers running on our development branch will receive the new favicon and a new bootmenu.
New Logo

Any problems with v0.9.6 should be posted in our Bug Reports Forum.